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Gathering Thoughts/Ideas: GOG eNMEy Pistol?

I'd like to preface this thread with: I don't normally do this. I really can't stand posting about what I'm planning to do, rather than just doing it first and posting the results. But as this subforum has become sort of a home for me (even though it gets slow at times), I figured I'd do this to get some feedback and ideas I might not have come up with so readily on my own, and avoid some trial and error.

Some of you have seen Calamity, my springfeed-converted TPX...

The idea here will be similar. I've still got several ACP 2.0 mags that I bought when I was considering doing short-run Calamity conversions, and the majority of the other parts I either already have, or are already on the gun and just need to be relocated.

The reg and vert ASA will simply be re-mounted so they point forward and the reg sits horizontal beneath the barrel, which will be a .683" Evil Pipe back with one of the old Spec Ops C-series tips on it. Conveniently enough this is the perfect length to mate up with the ACP mag when it's mounted over the feed.

The body will be replaced with 1.25" ID Delrin tubing for a cleaner look. I could hack up the existing body and use it but it would look like just that: a hackjob. For $12-15 I can get a foot of tubing and cut/drill/mill it to do what I need it to.

Air supply.... Is where things get tricky. I've got this sort of "glutton for punishment" thing when it comes to 12g's. I've hated them on every gun I've used them on so far, with the exception of the CCM SR1. Now understanding what a reg can do for a 12g setup, I'm going to test this setup by hooking a CCI bucket changer directly to the reg via macroline, chrono it in, and do as much of a torture/efficiency test as I can. I want to see how many shots per 12ie I can get, how long it takes the reg and internals to start freezing up, etc... At 190 psi, I shouldn't see any liquid through the gun, but theory and reality rarely coexist peacefully in my world. So, if I see 30+ shots and little evidence of reliability suffering, I'll got with a bucket changer-in-grip setup similar to Dukie's DSP frames.

If 12g's are again a miserable failure, I'll simply go with a remote line setup similar to my Zeus rig, with a QD nipple at the bottom of the frame, with line coming out of the frame at the top of the grips and down the side of the gun to the reg.

All told this should result in a pistol the is similar in height, if not a little shorter than a Zeus, slightly longer, with a removable barrel, WAY less weight, and regulated consistency. It will wind up a little funky looking but have a nice short trigger pull and integrated iron sights (which I may modify to accept fiber optic sight pipes).

Your thoughts?

Edit 3/28/13:


Reg/ASA will be moved forward and tucked into the back of the feed so that it's flush with the back-cap. Breech will be covered with a relatively plain tube body, hardline from top of bucket to the reg fitting. This design keeps it a 2-tube height, allows easy access to the reg for adjustment and makes it almost impossible to hold the pistol at any angle where excessive amounts of liquid will enter the reg, even pointed down or holstered. The reg can supposedly handle CO2 but I like the extra safety of keeping liquid out of it.
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