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Yes that is correct it is possible to get a xvalve with ult to ft with a shp tank but you really have to try hard to find the sweet spot and even then its hard to get a good sream of paint to keep going. With xvavle and rt on/off and shp it is effortless. I have an extra rt on/off I'd possibly be willing to trade pm me ill help you all I can I just got familiar with mags about 6 months ago.
While you are partially right, it is easier to sweet spot the RT on/off, it is very possible to get a ULT'd XValve RTing ropes of paint with an SHP reg if set up properly. It takes a lot of patience and tuning, but it can be done. I found that trigger stops helped quite a bit as well. I also got the sear mod done which moves the sear rod attachment point just a little higher and decreases the travel needed to trip the sear. I had Lukes Customs do both the trigger stops and sear mod.

As I mentioned above, you need to be sure that your L10 is properly tuned. If not tuned correctly, you can get minor bolt stick which can inhibit the RT effect. Also, what is your total setup? ULE or SS body?

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