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Whats the story behind the frankenstein CCms
It started way back with our original tech, Weezel. He had bugged Jason forever about getting to build up his own gun and Jason wouldn’t let him. Finally after months Jason brought Weez a box of odds and ends scrap parts and said here is your gun. That was the very first Frankengun. For absolutely EVERYTHING it lacked in the aesthetics department, that gun was ridiculously perfect.

The Frankengun was resurrected again with a T2 we made for Toby Grable when he was with the Psycho Clown Posse. Toby couldn’t make up his mind on what color he wanted so we told him no worries, we’ll pick it out for you and of course since he is a friend, he got Frankengun. Anyone who knows Toby knows he is larger than life and loud, so the gun suited him and he loved it.

One thing I think is important to mention, other than the very first Frankengun of Weezel’s every one that we have done (ballpark maybe 10 total) are from standard parts, they are not seconds or “left overs”.
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I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players. Its the golden rule.
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