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Man, I go over a friend's house to help him fix his wife's car and look what I come back to?!?!?! Lol, sorry guys, they weren't supposed to post that until I had a chance to critique and come up with a written description to put on it, so that's why there wasn't one. I guess it's out, so no going back now.

First off, I apologize for messing up a lot and for excessive sponsor plugs. I'm pretty sure I forgot to show the tank gauge all but the 2nd run with the L6 bolt only, so oops on that one. I'm not comfortable in front of a camera, and this was all thrown together at the very last second so some things got missed. I promise there were no shennanigans here, obviously Techt isn't even making the L6 so it's not like they or I stand to profit by me skewing the result.

Anyway, with that out of the way, here are my thoughts:

The L6 on it's own, combined with a well matched insert (the Fate was a medium-tight blow through fit in the .679 insert) will be a solid performer if you can find one (or if TechT can be convinced to run them again). I only had one barrel break with that setup and I'm confident that was a fluke, it doesn't appear that the bolt effects the anti-chop.

The L6+QEV had a big barrel blowup and I was too dumb to stop and clean it out. This could have negatively effected efficiency since I tried to fight through it for a good long while before giving up and swabbing. I wouldn't be surprised if I ran the test again (we were out of time, the shop closed up about 15 minutes after we were done packing out gear up), that a full 6 pods plus maybe a little more would have been achievable.

My advice here is that if you're running a lower powered hopper, stick to just the bolt. I shoot real-steel on the regular (and like shooting .357 and.44 magnums to boot), so I hate to talk about paintball guns "kicking", but the L6 was very noticeably smoother. The stock bolt tends to knock around pretty hard in there and that's why some of the audio on that first run sounds like double-taps; you're actually hearing the shot then the bolt returning. Not as noticeable with the L6.

I'm going to keep the QEV FOR NOW.... What I mean by that is I want to give it a better shot to see if I have any more paint breakage issues with that setup. If not, then I'll go ahead and recommend it, but I'm still in the air about it right now. Adding the QEV does increase forward bolt stop and therefore reduces or eliminates the anti-chop function. I definitely wouldn't use it with anything less than a Spire, Rotor, or Prophecy at that point. But it did bump up efficiency even farther, and I think the result there could have been better.

Either way, a mech spoolie getting these numbers, in any configuration, is pretty impressive, and I was legitimately surprised at the L6's results. I rarely carry more than 4 pods with a setup like this but knowing I'll have some air left over so someone can toss me one on the field or I can carry an extra is a comfort. I'll be trying again with one of my devolumizer inserts I machined for my G1 and see what that gets me, but that's more likely to be on-field testing than video at the chrono range.

Any other questions, or questions I missed, please feel free to ask.
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