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GOG eNMEy Efficiency and Upgrade Test

Not really a review so much as a test but this seemed the best place for it.

For anyone who wants the quick version:

Stock: 4 1/2 pods and a full Spire (approx 830)
L6: 5 2/3 pods and a full Spire (approx 994)
L6 + QEV: 5 3/4 pods and full Spire (1005)

Again, this was off of a 48/4500 tank, NOT a 68/4500. Obviously your results will be even better with a 68.

QEV'd result may have been better were it not for trying to shoot through a few really bad barrel breaks that just caused more barrel breaks. We'd honestly expect a full 6 pods and maybe a little more out of that setup if we were to redo the test. Unfortunately, we just didn't have time. Again, the breech was clean when we checked, so these weren't chops, just barrel breaks. Most likely the paint began to get cold from sitting outside all day, it was just barely into the 50's and probably mid to low 40's in the shade where we were.

Be warned: ONLY install a QEV if you're running a good forcefed hopper like a Spire, as it will reduce or eliminate the mechanical antichop. The L6 seemed to do just fine by itself so if you want to maintain the antichop we recommend going that route without the QEV.

If you want to see the L6 bolt made again for the eNMEy, send TECHT Paintball an email and let them know the Reservoir Dogs sent you!
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