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Personally, I don't see any difference in this post and the one by red army promoting his outlaw field. Straight for the first page of his post:

If you are serious about coming to the field, please message me, RED ARMY, and we can schedule a date. We play from 11am-5pm, January 1st - September 1st. Parking is limited so please carpool if you can!
I think this is where the confusion lies -- nothing was ever said about his post being illegal or posted in the same section, so how is one to know that promoting a specific game date is not allowed? If the regional section is the correct place for posts such as these, that's fine. I'm just trying to understand, and point out the difficulty in understanding what is allowed & what isn't.

"Please don't post threads looking for games.
Please use the appropriate local forums when you guys are looking for any type of game''

This infers that you're not supposed to look for a game here, not that it's wrong to post an actual game site and date. As I said, it's unclear what the exact parameters of the Outlaw section are...

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