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Known Measurement Resource for Mil Dot scopes

For anyone already using a mil dot scope or wants to. I plan to start using one soon and anyone that is already using a mil dot for ranging targets knows how important it is to have known measurements of items you will see on the field. This could end up have two sections, one for typical paintball items(Mask, hopper, gun, tank) and one for permanent items at various paintball fields (bunker dimensions, boards, walls, windows etc.)

Please try to follow this guide for posting measurements for items:

1. Identify the object by brand/model/style
2. Give Height/Width/Length in inches or if not in inches just identify unit of measurement

Guide for field specific items/objects:

1. Identify field location by name/address
2. Identify specific item/object with as accurate description as possible, for example: at Sniperzden the base called "darkwood" loggs used in fort measure 7 inches in height or east facing window/gun port measures 20 inches in height, 12 inches accross (these are not correct #'s just examples, i have not measured the loggs...yet)
3. Include a picture if you want to to help identify the object.
*** Stick to simple things that tend to repeat and have the same mearurements. If a base/fort has 5 windows of all differnt sizes it could be confusing as to which window is being used. If a field uses a lot of those large plastic pipes that could be helpful accross the entire field.

If you are curious as to what mil dots are on a scope or how to use them there are lots of resources on the net, just put mil dot into google or join the military and try out for sniper/marksman school. I recommend google unless you have very good reasons for doing the later.

If you have questions/concerns feel free to post up or PM me. If we get enough data together I can compile it into an excell file so people can make their own quick reference guides for use in the field.

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