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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
No but in a few event, I had Evil stick together due to humility(in GA during rainy summer days) and caused jams(it was going to jam every hopper out there).

I took my rotor apart, dumped all the paint, wiped it down, reassembled it, podded new paint in all within 7 seconds.

Yea when Dye brought the Rotor on to the market it became the new benchmark for future hoppers to reach for.

I have worked on Halos and hated how hard they were to take apart and clean when they were dirty.
When I broke paint in mine old Halo in the middle of a tournament, it meant that for the rest of the day I wouldn't be shooting straight at all.
First time that happened with my Rotor, I had it apart, clean and back together in 2 minutes.

Now we have hoppers like the Prophecy Z2, Spire, V-Max, and Rotor that all field strip easily.
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