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Sorry for the lack of pic's. Had to figure out new phones quirks, but here they are:

The only thing that obviously needs to be replaced are the plastic pistol grips - they're cracked nearly in half. I figure that the O-rings and any seals will also have to be replaced. Not sure just which ones or sizes to order but I'm sure someone here on the boards can point me in the right direction. I'd also like to know what tricks and mild customization to the working guts to improve its performance and reliability. Perhaps polish the inside of the barrel? Polish the bolt? Perhaps a little bit of custom work?

Not sure, but I think I'd really like to keep it as original as possible, so I'll probably keep it as a cartridge gun vice convert to cylinder powered. Polish up the brass, wood grips....maybe a laser and optics? I do like the polished brass look. Ideas? Advice? Suggestions? Warnings?

Oh and BTW does anyone have any idea when this marker was probably made?

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