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Hi guys I'm new to paintball, this is my first post. I wanted to finally show what ive been working on with my hammer 7.....i really needed a tank and stock so you can see my result....not much work...just bought the right stuff and shaved off a little from some edges to make it fit. I used an AR-15 skeletons tock which was an expensive purchase....I know....but I think it was worth it for a sturdy long lasting stock, the skeleton stock is perfect because it has a 1 inch hollow, I still need to shave off more to make it fit better because currently i have to jam it in and that makes it hard in case i have to switch out CO2 tubes...the metal tube is a dual 12g CO2 chamber. Hold 24g c: still not much for people who like to go trigger happy...but i bought the Hammer 7 because its light, and more importantly because the need to pump and pull the trigger slows me down enough to not fire like a mad man, which i am happy about. Anyway guys I'm planning on making a drum magazine for the Hammer 7 soon but since I have to work out of state during the week I'm not home to work on it....will try to post pictures as soon as I have something built, I have the Autodesk design, just need materials, some tools. Here's hoping!

PS sorry the pictures are huge....i sent them from my iphone and i didnt resize them....apologies, maybe you can see better this way though? Love this thread. Also have a plan to modify my Tippman Pro Lite
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