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CCM 04 J2 - Pump & Semi - Incredible Package MUST SEE!

It pains me to do this but it is a prudent financial decision I must make.

I bought this marker for my self as a bday gift 2 years ago and It has mostly sat in my closet with grand ambitions that never materialized.

This is what I have for sale:

- 04 J2 undrilled body with all stock internals.
- Stock hinge frame
- Stock pneumatics
- Stock regulator
- Stock VASA
- Circle beaver tail
- Lever lock feedneck

+ the following "upgrades"

- Raw 86* slider frame with autotrigger cam/lever. This frame has never seen a game. You will need to purchase the auto trigger screw from CCM, it costs $5.00
- Bob Long gear drive ASA
- S6 VASA with guide rod
- S6 Main guide Rod
- EZ Pump handle

also included but not pictured: 2 polished CCM air fitting housing and a black hexagonal J2 beaver tail.



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