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It looks like it's good to go.
if it holds air there no reason to replace the o-rings/seals unless for peace of mind knowing they're new.try MaD.

if you feel the need
here's a good cheap way of making a valve tool
DIY Valve Tool

PGP Non-Cartridge Valve Disassembly

The biggest thing you can do to it to make a difference would be getting/doing a valve job to'll gain around 10 more shots per 12 gram.
it requires the gun and valve and body to be drilled and sometimes soldered on a tiny bit.
there's people on here that can do this for,WALZ,MaD,chipnstone.....palmers does too but they are $$$$
non-PPS Performance tuning

and making/buying a velocity adjuster.

I think the delrin pump handles are smoother than the aluminum ones.
Sheridan Products F/S

that's the basics/

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