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Brassballs and babshaft ate right on the money. I would just add detents, to stop rollouts and double-feeds. Palmers can do wedgits, a couple small dents in the breach, and also sells a kind of clip with a head on the end. The wedgits, and I think the second kind as well, require you to send the gun out to be modified. I have been having experimenting with hanging a bit of fishing line into the breach, with promising results, although I think its hurt my efficiency a bit. There's a thread on this forum about homemade wedgits as well, and the classic DIY fix is a couple dabs of clear nail polish at just the right spot.

That is an excellent find, by the way, with several nice upgrades already, especially the fassst changer.
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1. Do not use the Wally Lama's name in vain.
2. Do not put any airsmith before the WALZ
3. Do not covet thy neighbors brass
4. Give a lot of cool **** to cool people for free
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I stumbled in here looking for autococker/pump advise [sic] and being FLAMED OUT MY A$$ on PBN.
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