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Posting this over in this thread hopeing it will get more views.
This is what Gearheads posted in reply to my asking if a first strike stick feed could be made for the empire trracer in time for SG:

"Unfortunately we are releasing 4-5 other products and will have a prototype for another at Supergame. The FS feed is going to have to wait till after those. we are also swamped with spring time service work, the SG45 raffle build and a full custom build for a customer. It will be in on our dev schedule after SG however right after we finish the dev work on the current product in the prototyping phase. If anyone else is interested in a FS stick feed of some kind for the Trracer, please email me at and I will get everyone on a contact list for when we start on it. Thanks."

If you have a trracer and would want one of these please let them know. The more interest is shown the better chances of it being produced.

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