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Hey! Thanks for all the help and AWESOME info!! It's very much appreciated.

Well....I got everything cleaned up and reassembled. Dropped in a CO2 cartridge and some reusable .68 caliber rubber paint balls and gave it a go. Hmmmmm got off about 20 shots, not too bad on the accuracy but there is definitely some work that needs to be done on the seals. I could hear a small leak right off the bat. It calmed down after a few shots and I thought that if I was lucky maybe it was just some grit that was blown out or something. No luck, the hissing sound of a slow leak came back after a few more shots.

I might only need to pull out the guts and clean them, but then again I might as well replace the seals and O-rings while I've got it apart. BTW, what is a reasonable target range on this model of splatter gun? It's been so long since I've played that I don't really remember. I had no problem (even with the slight leak) accurately pegging the same board on the backyard fence, say....70 to 75 feet away with MoM (Minute of Man) accuracy before the pressure dropped off and the cartridge was spent. Had to loft it a bit but the little rubber balls hit hard enough on the cedar boards to bounce half way back across the yard. Pretty sure it would hit hard enough to pop a real paintball. Actually left a nice little round mark on the woods weathered surface (hope the wife doesn't notice).
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