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Misc stuff, some older things, come see!

Please post and pm
prices do not include shipping
some prices are obo, and other things id keep if asking price isnt met
I work 3pm-3am mon-thurs and will not be reachable then
i need smaller freak inserts
So in no particular order...

2 AC cp .693 $13
3 twistlock mag barrel $10
4 stock 68 carbine $5
5 stock traccer $5
6 model 98 teardrop $12

1 Indian springs hopper with feed ramp, dirty and scratches from play $4
2 Nasty boys hopper, rough but will clean up $4
3 old JT visor with the swirly logo 10-10 $12
4 JT wood stalker foam is horrid, plastics pretty good. $6
5 VL quantum works as well as a quantum can $5

8 taso nice butt. cut out for a hose clamp to fit but works 100% w/o clamp. "rockman" cut into plastic. Perfect if your name is or you want it to be rockman. fits 7 oz perfect but i read fit a 13 ci very well. $29
9 7 oz cover good shape for age $5

2 stock mag rail $15
4 mag double trigger $4

2 circa 98 benchmark drop needs screws $12
3 fixed black drop $5

2 angel sticker sheet $5
3 3 identical drop pcs... offer cheap

gog 4+1 $5

indian springs 4+1 $8

q loader 4+3 $15

4+1 camo $5
unique 8+1 in realtree 8-10 bc its got crud in the hook part of velcro and one flap has wear for some reason all other velcro is great. $35
WTB original all americans
MCB feedback

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It was a simple question....I thought.

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