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I wear a Sly Profit for the most part, after having worn the Events (Around two or three years) and Specta's prior to that (Not be confused with Flex7's or ProFlexs). But I do have some I4's, and they pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum for masks. Everything covers my ears (Not that they are huge or anything) except the I4's. Be even they only leave the bottoms of my ears exposed. As to the chin, it is evident. I have a goatee, and you can see it clear as day, even at the relatively short length that it is (It's about an inch long, but used to be two fists long. Meaning, I could gather up the goatee hair in one fist, and have enough length for me to do it with my next fist and still have some length sticking out the bottom of the fist.). Not sure about how much my chin is actually exposed. But it is the smallest and lightest mask out there. I may start wearing it to play, but not sure yet.
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