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Palmerized PGP for Sale

Soldsoldsold. I just recently picked this up but it isn't the best fit for me. Its a beautiful stylish gun in great condition.

Non Cartridge valve, performance tuned,
Quick strip,
Fasst change,
Cooper T bolt,
Wood grips with a great feel,
Cool style PPS feed plug with leash.
Obviously nickel plated

Great little gun, and if you price out the cost of all these upgrades this is a steal.

155 dollars I pay all fees soldsold

"I'll see it when I believe it"

PSA: Please don't use photobucket to post images. When you go through one of the older picture threads and find a lot of dead photo links, it is because of photobucket. They limit the amount of bandwidth your free subscription pictures can use, and then make the photo unviewable. Please use or another free image host that does not ruin picture threads.

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