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Masks make such a big difference in comfort when you are playing so its definitely worth thinking about them.

So far I have tried everything except the I4 which I just haven't got around to getting. It came out after I realized I would probably never replace my Flex / Spectra.

The main thing is ventilation. I adore the lens on the Profiler / Shield / Morph but I just can't breathe in the Profiler. Its literally dripping with condensation after a hard game of play.

The Avatar and Grillz were the same way but with less spectacular lenses than the Profiler. All of the above felt real heavy on the face compared to the spectra and flex7. They had less adequate ventilation and still didn't "wear" as nice in that they felt more like they were going to fall off when I shake my head around a lot.

I do want to try the I4. Protection be damned (except eyes and ears) I just want the best visibility and comfort possible. Maybe they got it right but from what I hear they don't breathe too well either, and if I'm going to suffocate I'm going to do it in the profiler because I can barely tell I'm wearing a mask (visually) when I'm wearing one of those.
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