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Originally Posted by aresfiend View Post
Stanchy, the deal with that isn't so much about how much they like it as much as the fact that they wanted the latest and greatest. I don't think they'd consider a small run of hoppers made in an apartment the latest and greatest.

Same reason they'll trade their 2010 Ego for a 2011 Ego, why settle for the thing that has the lower status?

EDIT: After buying into the latest and greatest (Spire), I kind of regret it. I don't like it as much as I liked my old Fasta. I'm not going to get another Fasta since it's not worth the hastle at this point, but my point is still that players use what has the biggest price tag over what they actually prefer.
shouldnt the idea for a shell kit, to be just that? a kit.... ie a back player extended capacity....

if im playin back player... 300 ball capacity
if im playin dorito/mid/back maybe rock a standard
if im playin snake, put my snake kit on

3 hoppers, 1 motor...

i shoot a spire, i love it, heck i convinced 10 other guys its better than a rotor, i LOVED my rotor, used it without hesitation for 2-3 years.

im not hating on the revvy, i loved them back in the day
im not sayin you MUST you a rotor, im just saying your market would be HUGE if you did

food for thought
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