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And Andrea is the stereotype that is not still goes on today in shows. Time and time again we see the "struggle" of the heroine time and time again rising up to only be brought back down. Only to have an ultimate victory in the end. Even with Lucy at the end of every episode she had victory. Andrea is still strapped to a chair
all i remember from i love lucy is how she cries at the end, or someone intervenes to help her. i don't think that's a victory, but i'm also sure there were lots of episodes i didn't see.

i hope andrea dies. hurry up and die already. her hesitation is worse than rick's.

and why did michonne follow meryle alone into the deep part of the prison? what did she think was going to happen? she's usually way, way, more careful than this. another instance of characters being warped out of their continuity in order to fit the plot?
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