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Question for you all....

So next weekend I have been asked to photograph my grandfathers celebration of life, the event is indoor/outdoor and will be around 4hrs long.

My question is I know that shooting in RAW allows for more PP work , but I will be shooting, sorting, editing, saving/re-saving a lot of pictures and some for people without the ability to change RAW/view them, so I will be changing them all into Jpegs when they are ready for shipping. So my MAIN question is should I shoot the majority of pics in L-Jpeg format and then if i feel the need to shoot some very special ones in RAW do so and then convert later? I have a few 16GB SD cards I will be taking and I can get a noticeably bigger amount of jpegs (obviously) over RAW and would rather have the wiggle room, there is a military flag folding at the end...

So let me know what you think, all PP work will be done in LR4.3

Also I have some awesome friends and family and will have 2 t2.i bodies, a variety of lenses from my 18-55, 28-90 USM, 50 1.8, 50 1.4, 70-300(sigma), 200 2.8 Prime canon, 10-22 and possibly a 70-200 Canon (not sure of 2.8/4)

So I feel I will have a wide range of glass to shoot with
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