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Originally Posted by relliott View Post
Money sent....
Shirt and Pig, I'm in!

Thanks Gilly
Got you Rick thanks! No Lee? No Coleman?

Originally Posted by BigTrucker View Post
Someone say pig shirt? I'm in. Lol
LOL Dave

Originally Posted by kill-n-spree View Post
Just paid up Gilly. See ya.
Excellent Casey!

Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
paid up...what do i owe for a pork chop???
Saw your payment Darren.

Originally Posted by Bow View Post
How many people are going so far? I don't feel like going through the thread to count them up.
Glad you're coming Fred! Once I get a chance I'll update the Prepaid list. They always flood in, in the last week. Plus there's a good 20+ that aren't MCB posters that come.

Originally Posted by TIJUANAIRONMAN View Post
Thanks Brother, I guess my Son and I will be going
Now I gotta figure out what I need, I've never been camping
Glad you can make it Jesse! You will see how fun it is and come every year!

Everyone, start deciding on what you'll bring for the Potluck Dinner Saturday night and potluck Breakfast Sunday morning.

Check the first page once I update it with specifics.

Also set up your own BST Peddlers table in your area for anything you want to get rid of. FEW turned at great for sellers to move stuff.


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