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Originally Posted by MIB_Radar View Post
Scarab Arms TGR2 - Unboxed with Team: Boxer - YouTube

and my team mate Deadpool: Scarab Arms TGR2 review by Deadpool and hints - YouTube

If you want a more personal chat about the TGR hit me up.
Hey man I really appreciate that. I searched through a ton of videos and never found these. My only beef is I would like to see someone fire about 10 balls through a chrono now. For me this is the only thing that's holding me back from getting one. I acually find it strange no one has yet. Usually this is the first thing someone shows you in a review video before they review it.

I've read where the TGR2 is only having deviations of 10fps and it's usually only a difference of 5fps. My only reservation is the fact that it's not regulated where the MK3 is. Blowback, spoolie, I don't care, as long as the velocity isn't all over the place the valve doesn't matter me.
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