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Question Mask/Goggle Opinions

Well guys I have decided that I may very well be ready to give up my old JT X-fires and move into the modern age of masks and goggles. Have not really seen to many reviews of them here so I am putting it out there to have some help from everyone here.

I am NOT a pro player so get it out of your head that I would spend $90 for the latest Dye Invision. Not knocking people that have those, but I spent less than $90 on my first PGP I bought to play with 15 years ago. I have been a JT man for most of my playing time, couple of X-fires and one set of Spectras that I let my brother use. They have stood the test of time and I enjoy them but I have gotten the chance lately to look and put on some of the new masks out there. The Proto FS system is one that I liked as well as the V-force Vantage, the new Vents I have only seen really. I did like the look and feel of a pair of Raven NVX's I checked out about 2 months ago. But I could just stick with a newer pair of Spectra's, the ProShield, Flex8 or even the Proteus. My biggest requirement is that I have the ability to get new lenses, I keep my masks in good shape so they last and will be used for years, and because I live in Florida and do not want to wear sunglasses under my mask, I need to be able to get thermal and tinted lenses for it.

I have taken to wearing contacts when I play now so I am not concerned about it being OTG friendly. Please don't limit replies to just being about the masks listed, I am open to all suggestions. BTW I did look at pbreview but I trust everyone here as my extended PB family more than some kids wanting to be "agg".
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