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There are only two times I will consider shooting jpeg worth it.

1. When I am playing with photography during a time when I can set everything up carefully and wish to take massively long bursts with my 7D. (Which I rarely do and is merely something to play with)

2. When I am travelling and know that I will want to review a large amount of photos on my tablet. (Such as travelling on a bus to shoot a sports game, and take the time to cull on the trip back. And this is only a software limitation on my tablet, as I have not yet found a viewer that works reliably and is stable with RAW. Easier to just pull the small Jpegs that are easy for the system to work with)

Other than that, it is RAW, imported to Lightroom, reviewed, culled, sorted, edited if needed, and exported to where and which format is needed. I like to be making the choices on how things are processed, and presets can make the work flow beautifully smooth and easy.

Good luck with your project.
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