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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
A note about the diamond loot chest. They will be mass produced, turns out only the first 5000 will have certificates of authenticity.
and cost is 99.99$ on some site other say 100$ even

more info on new loot chest

Borderlands 2 Diamond Plate Loot Chest launching in May for $100

The Borderlands 2 Diamond Plate Loot Chest, a bundle of codes for in-game gear and real-life replica items, will launch in May for $99.99, Gearbox announced during its PAX East panel today.

The bundle, which does not include a copy of the game, was inspired by the quickly sold-out Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest. The developers said they wanted fans to be able to grab a copy of their own without having to purchase the game again, hence the new, Diamond Plate version of the package.

The package will be sold through Think Geek, Forbidden Planet and Gearbox's own shop and will be limited to 5,000 units. It includes a wanted poster featuring art from the game, a mask modeled after the Goliath enemy type (which includes a code for an in-game version of the mask). It also comes with a deck of 20 cards with codes for in-game Legendary items, window decals, a certificate of authenticity and, of course, the Diamond Plate Loot Chest (which presumably doesn't feature real diamonds) itself.

Check out the Borderlands 2 Diamond Plate Loot Chest in the image above.

this site said will make more then 5k of them but only 5k will be special edition one

The bundle will be sold at ThinkGeek, at the Gearbox shop and at Forbidden Planet for $100 (USD) starting June 2013. It’s limited to just 5,000 copies so make sure to keep an eye out for it if you want one. It would’ve been more considerate of Gearbox if they just mass produced the loot chest, but I guess this is better than nothing. As Travis B mentioned in the comments, Gearbox will mass produce this bundle. The only thing that’s unique to the first 5,000 units will be the certificate of authenticity. Thanks for the heads up Travis B!
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