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Miller - yea, that was a problem-I remember it well. It was because we had a large group (25) show up that only came to play for a few hours (unbeknownst to us). They did NOT come to play Postal and were all first-timers. The team assignments in the morning were even numerically, but once they ran out of paint, they all left - leaving a large hole in the teams. It still happens from time to time, but has never been as bad as that since. I've got an idea that should resolve the issue - if Asylum will bite on it. We'll see....!

WP - format this time is most likely the Progressive style we've moved to last year. It has been very well received by the players and tends to focus the games so its not spread all over the field (although if we have large numbers, we may shift back to an all-flag full field event).
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