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Need help regarding a mill if any of you who know a thing or two don't mind. I am looking at picking up this Gorton. It is a stepper pulley motor (4 different locations, so 8 speeds). Has DRO and I got to see it cut (it cut steel just fine). Comes with what you see in the picture (I am sorry it is so lousy) along with some endmills to use. It is a Gorton Master Mill I-22 I believe, with power feed in the x. First, he has it set up so the collet is placed into a holder, and then tightened down. All the ones I see are screwed directly into the head and drawn up with a bar. I think he has around 20 collets to go with, so if this is an uncommon type I should be set. When I go back to check it again, I will be inspecting the ways, seeing how much play is in the travel, etc. Anything else I should look for? I am sure he would show me it cutting again if I asked. What do you all think? Any idea on value?

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