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HI! thanks for looking...My first post and a silly question....Ive playing pump for almost a year and LOVE it from the very first time actually only 2 persons playing pump on the fields I play...... recently I pick an ACI maverick in new conditions but I want to modify it to stock class I want to try stock class but dont want to spent a lot on a phantom Ive seen some aci mod to stock class and read that is possible to remove the feed neck.... But how? It looks like is threaded but so thigh I cant unscrew I dont want to use pliers or tools that can scratch the surface of the feed neck until Im sure it can be unscrew... Like i said the ACI is like new if is possible Ill use the tools but if not any other advice into converting it to stock class... I want to use the phantom adapter for this project.... Thanks more questions coming up
ACI Maverick's feedneck is not threaded, it is welded. To take it off you will need some tools. Probably, first cutting it off and then grinding it down. You will need to tap a screw hole with the same size as the one use by the Phantom stick feed to hold it in place. Lastly, you will also need to cut out the right side's pump arm because it interferes with the feed.
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