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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
I've asked myself that question since I've never owned a Smart Parts product with the exception of Freak inserts. The answer I came up with is that Smart Parts, well GOG now I guess, put out a really nice marker that is almost exactly what I wanted. It's small and light, comes with cloth braided macro line, single trigger, clamping feedneck, and most of all it just shoots beautifully. For $130 you get a marker that is fun to use and is competitive on the field. If anyone else decided to gamble on something in the mech marker segment I'd buy it but so far everything is either the same old **** or milsim. Would it have been awesome if AGD or some other player from back in the day came back to paintball in an exciting way? Hell yeah it would but that hasn't happened so until that day if Smart Parts/GOG is the only company doing something that interests me they will get my full support.
Fixed. No matter, works the same; just semantics.
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