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What Paint to Use in a RAP?

Okay, so I have this buddy who just INSISTS on shooting RAP products. When I first met him a year ago, he spent all day at the field trying to fix leaks in his mag-fed gun (don't know what model specifically). He ended up selling it during the off season, and then showed up at the field this year with ANOTHER one...against everyone's advice. Apparently he paid a buttload of cash for it, and, and only 1 out of every 5 or so balls makes it out of the gun without exploding. Once again, we've been trying to get him to give it up, but he's insistent. So he calls up RAP, and their customer service rep tells him, quote, "Try using less brittle Graffiti or something." Sounds like weak advice to me, since he was shooting Heat field paint that has serious issues breaking on targets anyway and is WAY less brittle than Graffiti. he's to know what kind of paint he should be using for his gun. I already tried to tell him it's not the paint, it's the marker, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask around anyway...since he's going to get this thing working or give himself an aneurism trying.

In joking, I told him I'm sure Monsterballs would make it out of the gun without exploding. Apparently, he didn't get it, since he asked where to buy them.

(Just for the record, his other gun is an eNMEy...yet he insists on trying to play speedball with a fullsize RAP M16 replica. )
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