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Havent posted here in a while but here is my latest... Its still at DC being tuned and finished but this is what Jared sent me:

This one is fully loaded boys. Here's the damage:

- AKA no rise feed neck
- Shortened bolt contoured to the body
- JMJ featherlite body, 2004
- Brand new eye covers
- Quad detents
- Type 3 hard anodizing
- DC volumizer
- SCM 3
- RT Valve
- Shortened Bolt pin
- AKA 2 Liter reg
- An priginal FBM fierce frame
- JMJ Nurvous Trigger
- Tadao Ebisu board
- Dye sticky 2 grips
- Bob long ASA (But will be changed to a trinity asa that has a bit of a drop)
- JMJ snatch grip
- Macro fittings will be changed to all black
- All diet milling by DC (tray, noid, pocket)

Now, I wish I had a pic of this thing before my add ons but the damn gun was PINK. Yeah, not gonna work for me... looked like this when I shipped it off (I added the frame, reg and ASA):

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