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Hey guys,

To answer a few questions that have been brought up here.

1. Yes Sarge Morin is involved in this project as he was one of the first to do this mod himself and is a great person to be involved with this on.

2. Big Daddy, Yes I am taking an airsoft kit that others have done before and putting it on the TiPX. Not everyone has the ability to modify their own kit and we are providing a bolt on kit for those that want them.

3. Big Daddy and Psychosplinter, if you think I charge too much for my work then don't buy anything form me. That is your choice. But if you think I am making a killing off of paintball you are wrong. I do my best to charge as little as possible for my time and efforts. There are others in this industry who charge way more than I do.

My thanks to everyone who likes our designs and work. I look forward to hearing what you have to say as we bring out more designs.
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