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Lol, I just noticed you were bringing Menudo Gilly.

We took my Classmate to my friend Israel's restaurant (It's a Mom and Pop Mexican restaurant that sells tortillas to the greater Tulsa area). Anyways Alex doesn't really feel comfortable being there because hes a total shut in so he doesn't know what to get. I got a kickass chicken burrito and my roommate got one with steak. Israel got 5 Tacos and suggested that Alex try his Mom's Menudo. So he agrees and eats the entire bowl and says "Man that was really good!, Whats in it!", and I just looked at Israel and shook my head side to side. Israel said "Beef stomach" and his eyes went so glazed we though he had a seizure, He started saying "No way" over and over. So we brought Israel's Mom out and had her tell him it was Beef stomach, lol.

That's when we found out he was super squeamish about any new kind of food. Man trying to get him to eat calamari was hilarious!
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