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Originally Posted by henchman View Post
I like to have enough for 4 people plus a spare or two, for when friends come out top play. Once I sell my black Tac One, I'll have 4 Enmeys, my Tac and a Kaos Special Edition pump.
I too like to have enough for 4 people plus a couple spares. That's why I currently have 4 mags and 2 Tippmanns for Semi play. I have 4 pumps too.

Getting an Enmey or 2 would make one or two of the other guns irrelevant. I've noticed your talk on the x7og, Henchman, about you ditching your Phenoms. I have one but it hasn't given me trouble... yet. I'm on the fence as to whether to sell it before problems strike or keep it for when I feel milsim-ish (which isn't very often anymore).
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