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rick really rustled my jimmies.

you gonna get out in the open just because some stupid broad you picked up in the middle of the road thinks it's ok? then you bring half of woodbury back and send them inside without even so much as a frisk? there's nothing wrong with trying to be nice, but how about not dropping your guard faster than snoop dogg dropping something hot? for all you know the woman could have just been planted there and the whole thing was a scheme to get everyone from woodbury inside like the trojan horse. it would be far fetched everywhere else except woodbury because they already know the governor is a twisted ****er. gonna let everyone live with you without so much as keeping your guns pointed at them? and what happened to he just said JUST LAST EPISODE about how he can't be making all the decisions like a dictatorship anymore, and then he turns around this episode to do exactly that? and EVERYONE who stayed at the prison were automatically ok with it except carl? you're not even going to attack woodbury before going back? not even go after the gov? what did axle die for? what did merle die for? ****, man, so much for the writers trying to stick to realism. carl made all the right decisions this episode.

at least andrea died, but we all know she wasn't really trying to save everyone, just her personal man-penis.
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