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Originally Posted by pghp8ntballer View Post
so is that a standard 68 caliber feedneck, overtop of a .40 cal hole? I would think a funnel of some kind would be needed just to reliably feed into the gun.
correct. it is functional for the mech trigger and a little 45 rd hopper that came with it,holds maybe 80-90 of the .40 cal rounds but it already has a slimmer "funneled" feedneck. I understand that this isnt worth the time per se but you know, just for giggles and its fun for me. i was thinking maybe a piece of blowgun or pvc to insert into the feedneck making a "false" feedneck inside the .68 existing one. i will either need to funnel inside the hopper to meet up with the extended smaller feedneck or make a funnel system inside the metal feedneck of the gun itsself. Any ideas on making the funnel? ill take this neck off and see if inspiration strikes and maybe bypass the old neck entirely
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It was a simple question....I thought.
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