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Originally Posted by 240SX View Post
Anyone who claims some Tai Chi Paintball Fu is full of crap and has watched too many movies. My opinion.
What?! You're out of your mind, man. Tai Chi is some deadly stuff. Your problem is you're not doing it *slow* enough.

So I don't want to get all Feng Smith in here, but do you guys ever watch MMA fights where one of the fighters has no head movement whatsoever?

That's what it's like to watch a lot of FPS paintballer vids. No head/upper body movement whatsoever.

When standing, I use roughly the same body movements for slipping/ducking punches for... slipping/ducking paintballs.

Those movements come from the ground up when possible. That's why people don't fight in horse stance, and that's why it is equally bad for paintball.

I know the standard Youtube "snap shooting" paintball tutorial involves something that looks vaguely like horse stance, but it's wrong. This will eventually be corrected when someone who understands fighting and body mechanics gets into the sport. Eventually.
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