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At some point you have to decide that if you have to abandon all humanity in order to survive you are no longer surviving for humanity.
but they just learned that andrea was snatched from right outside the prison walls without them knowing. so they know for a fact the gov can sneak too. they still dropped everything to greet everyone without guarding in case the gov followed that magic school bus... remember they don't know where the governor went.

like i said i have no problems with initial quarantine to see if they are good people just like carl did with tyrese and rick did with the inmates, but to give them free roam in the prison from day 1 is stepping into stupid territory no matter how harmless they look, even more so if you got some kids like carl and beth already in your circle who look harmless but can cap you with a bullet. having humanity doesn't mean dropping your guard all the way to the bottom. nobody here accused carl for losing his humanity when he shot that teenager: EVERYTHING done by the enemy in the apocalypse can be a trap, especially if it looks too good to be true, and the town that has been harassing you 3 times turns out mostly don't want to fight is too good to be true.
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