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Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
I mentioned this to Levi, maybe have a couple of them available for Supergame? It's the first weekend in May, and seems to be one of the largest trade shows on the West Coast. Work out some way to let people borrow a marker to play with on the field for a bit (Like require their ID or something) to get it some more exposure. Plus, with people going out and shooting at least three pods at a time, you can really run some paint through it the whole weekend for a longevity test.
Originally Posted by B3ARC1AW View Post
I'm really liking this idea. With over 1000 people from all over the West Coast at Supergame it will give great exposure. Even if you decide against letting people play with it on the field, it would be good to have it at a booth and let people get their hands on it and run some paint through it. Just like with cars, being able to test drive it is a lot more effective in making a sale than relying on just reviews from car experts and commercials.
Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
I just sent out the letter to the team for Supergame. We plan on having guns there in addition to having them able to be shot. That and the teardown is where this gun shines. It does coincide with PSP Whicheversville City, so we will have to do split duty.

We do feel the gun will really impress when you get a chance to shoot it, and we hope to have it in your hands at as many places as possible.
Originally Posted by diesel_fireman2001 View Post
Exicted to hear the gun will be at Supergame. Look forward to shooting it. What booth will it be at?
Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
not sure yet, getting that all setup now...

you guys can come hang out in my booth

i'll make room for ya!
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