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new website up and running

I'm no longer hosting free games, I delegated that to my best friends. They now run two free fields alternating between the two almost every weekend.

I spent almost all my spare time on this project now. Our first big event is this coming weekend April 7th. For everyone living on Vancouver Island this is the event to go to. ISLAND UNITED EVENT1 2013

- free rental gear(!) tippman bravo's on compressed air/thermal goggles/camo tops
- only $12 entry
- only $12 per bag of 500 balls
- 125-175 players expected
- 11 am 1st game
- prizes
- food/munchies/drinks
- everything goes: pistols/pumps/full-auto/grenades/bazzoka's/smoke bombs etc.
- every1 welcome
- *new parking
- *new speedball field
- *new village
- *new tommy bunkers
- bulk tanks, 2 self-serve fill-stations @ 4500 psi
- celebrities


our first episode is almost done, should be up in a week or so.
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