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Dday 2013

Here's a couple recent helicopter overflight clips to try
and give you some sense of how large this field really is.
The camping area is roughly 100 acres by itself, the vendor
area, which has a number of stand alone buildings, including
a cafe probably covers 4-5 more acres and as you'll see
the rest is a mixture of woods and wooded ravines and more
open areas. There's also a real bridge, several dozen mostly
one story 'battle damaged' structures, plus a 2 story church
and dozens and dozens of various types of bunkers.

Commonwealth Expeditionary Force (CEF) flight

German 6th FJR group's flight

NOTE: Helicopter offers rides typically lasting about 5-7
minutes long for 20-25 bucks per seat. Holds 3 paying
passengers and pilot.


The following clips were all produced by various units, as their
way of helping to generate unit recruiting.

82nd Airborne Pathfinders 2012, by Clarence Films..
Clarence Film's owner is Alan Davidson, the CO for this unit..

German 914th GIR "Holding the Valley" 2012

"1st Infantry Division Recruiting 2012"
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