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I have my car and room for a body or two as well.
I can also throw the cargo box on the roof for more cargo space.

I have a tent 2 person (1 double air mattress or two single pads) and a 4 person (or two double air mattresses) but it is not very warm.
I have a two burner Coleman Stove and camping pots and dishes for at least two people.
I also have a folding table to cook on as well.
Portable water jug
I can borrow a Coleman lantern as well if we think I should grab it.
I also have a propane heater that is great for taking the chill out of a tent before bed.

My car does not have a ton of space so generally by the time all the camping gear is in I have the trunk full and 1 seat in the back full.

I'm off on the Friday so I was thinking of heading out mid day.
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