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Tatt'd Cobra G7, Molten Gold Gat and Camovor - All Upgraded and For Sale/Trade

1. Highest Feedback Ships Second
2. Be prepared to have a valid address and phone # to show
3. You have 72 hours from time of agreement to pay or item will be taken off hold and put back up for sale
4. I like sponges
5. I ship within 36 hours of payment or arrival of trade item
6. Trades ok. I only like modern highend or Private Label Semis/Mechs/Pumps.
7. Just about everything is negotiable
8. Have a nice day!

Tattoo Cobra G7
  • Virtue Redefined
  • New Bloodline Rail
  • New NDZ Inline Spinner
  • New Strangelove Wired Laser Eyes
  • CP Sling Trigger
  • SS Freak Back (No tip included)
  • Stock Barrel

Sold and shipped on memorial day

Molten Gold on Matte Black Angel Gat
  • MT Valve
  • Predator V3 (no eye logic)
  • New Strangelove Laser Eyes
  • New Inline Spinner ASA
  • Matching CCM No-Pro Feedneck
  • Some rail
  • New HPR
  • New .684 UL back with Proto UL 14" Tip
  • Fresh Rebuild and relube (a bit excessive)
  • Some pictures are before the ASA and new Tip.

$435 Shipped PP'd

Factory Camo Karnivor
  • New AKALMP Tornado Valve
  • E2 Eblade
  • Hybrid 1/2 Pint
  • WGP MP4 (kinda sketchy)
  • Stock .684 Camo Kaner 2 piece
  • Brass and CP Detent
  • Custom Cut Lowpro Stock Bolt
  • New HPR and LPR Internals
  • Vented Torpedo ASA



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