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Originally Posted by sniper42 View Post
Anyone have any tips for getting the cog/lockring on tight? I just slipped mine again and I'm pretty sure it stripped this time. It just seems like I can't get them tight enough. Now I am a big guy(about 220) so I am probably subjecting it to more forces than your average rider.
your size shouldn't be in issue,plenty of super strong track racers use the same set up.

if the threads are still good..first grease the threads..
then you need to torque the gear on tight as possible(use a chain whip then throw it on the bike,stand on it and stomp/torque on the pedals REALLY really hard)
then take it back off and torque the lock ring down HARD as possible.
if your gear came loose someone didn't get it on tight enough..
if you ride on it with any slip you can blow the threads out.
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