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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Except that it's NOT a Victory. No LPR. Similar but different.

I'm curious though, would a poppet engine fit in it, or are these engines completely different than other Vic bolt systems?

Still, regardless of anything else, 10 pods out of a 45/4500 from a spool is pretty freaking sweet. Still out of my price range though.
I'm pretty sure you answered you own question there. The poppit engine would require an LPR to operate properly since the its pressure is used to open the valve. Although I guess it could be possible since Marq poppit engine is mostly balanced, but it would take a big change in design. In all honestly, who would want one if it's getting just as good as efficiency as the SC engine, but is still smoother?

And I love the milling on this as well. The back reminds me of a Warped Sportz Axe. And the extra $75 is totally worth it for the custom anodizing and small bore barrel. Blast offers some truly jaw dropping anodizing patterns for their 'premium' package. I would consider one of these if I had $1100 to spend on a gun.

Does anyone know if it accepts G6R/Victory triggers? It looks like it would. I just wanna know if I could put my Power trigger in one. The trigger on the one pictured looks like the same stock trigger Blast has always used, not even the trigger offered on the VCOM. It's not even the trigger Bob is using in the efficiency video...
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