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Originally Posted by Asphyxxia View Post
I currently play with a modified Tippmann A5, but as I'm ridiculously clumsy and the marker is almost 4' long with the stock, I'm picking up a TPX soon as well.
You should reevaluate your gun.
What you really want is something that's reliable, reasonably consistent, comfortable for you to shoot, and light enough to carry for extended periods. It needs to be deployed from every possible stance or contortion, and be able to be accurately fired.

Four feet is just too dang long.
Look at all the "Milsim" doo dads on there. Do any of them actually increase performance, reliability or accuracy, or do they just make it look like an AK/M-16/G36/Barrett .50? (Coolness factor equates into a big zero when you have to hump it all day long-it's nothing more than dead weight-weight that you don't want to drag all over hells half-acre while people shoot at you)

Strip off all that crap that does NOTHING but add weight. The collapsable stock too. You want to be able to "tuck" the gun into your body so you can get into small cover and remain effective.

Long barrels do not equate into accuracy. Use nothing over 12". It just makes it harder to manouvre your gun.

Play the game: Run the missions. Capture objectives. Accept a role: Demo is cool. The place where I play scenarios give Demo people a limited amount of "Caution" tape. When they blow a bridge, they tape it off and it can't be used for an hour. This opens up some really fun aspects to the game. You can create "kill zones" and "bottlenecks" where you can really mess up the other teams plans. Fun stuff.
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