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3D printing,Open Source and Paintball

Hello all. First time caller long time listener here. I stumbled upon a documentary of sorts about the future of technology. Now before you say too long didn't read. I promise I'll be brief as possible.

3D printers are here. Not in homes yet but in commercial settings that can be hired out. You can give them a CAD like file in .stl format.( I'm not inclined this way so I can't elaborate) 3D printer will duplicate your part in varying thicknesses of plastic and steel. BOOM! Instant part!

I know we have many talented modders on this forum who make anything out of everything. So here's an opportunity for another brain to step in with designer abilities.

The idea of open source is to build a prototype and allow it to be free like shareware. People can now take your idea improve on the design, print a part if they need it and send it back out and so it snowballs.

Essentially the same as doing a step by step mod tutorial.

I'm not selling anything it's not snake oil. I'm just impressed by this.

Not sure if I can link stuff so all I can say is google search 3D printed guns by vice magazine( you'll find it on YouTube ) or search for a dude named Cody R Wilson. Pretty much explains everything I can't. It's an interesting 24 minutes and your brain will automatically turn to paintball and how this can be applied.

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