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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
Stilgar Can you put some tubes of paint in those loops on your thigh and take a pic please? What did you use for those loops? On the puller do you like the tubes in front like that?
I know I had a photo around here someplace. trying to dig it up. Edit: Found it and more info!

The loops are WTF 12g patches. I had extras, so I used them. You can achieve the same effect with a shot gun shell belt for a HELL of a lot cheaper!! I had then sewn on at a local tailor shop for about $7 each side.

I got waterproof silicone gel and smeared it inside the loops to make sure the 12gs wouldn't go anywhere when running. They dont.

Here is my Review on the Puller Vest. I love having the tubes infront of me. I am used to it, and find pulling and replacing tubes from that position easy. I don't go prone very often if ever so I don't worry about lying on tubes.

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